Domestic Technology


Science and nature have for long grown together.

This time, science has left the lap of nature and has entered the comfort of our homes.

Every place we run our eyes through, be it homes, offices, public places or work areas- science has made its identity distinctively felt. For food we turn to microwaves & refrigerators; for clothes we turn to washing machines; for calm we turn to air conditioners and for entertainment we turn to televisions. There is almost no aspect of our lives which has been left untouched by science and it is primarily this introduction of applied science within our homes is what is referred to as domestic technology. There are just two objectives of domestic technology-

· Attainment of Self-sufficiency.

· An aim to achieve energy efficiency.

Rather a study has established that it is indeed via means of domestic technology in the form of home appliances that the amount of time spent in wrapping up the household chores is reduced. Though the revelations made by this study are still disputed, it is amply clear that there can just be no substitute to domestic technology. The major technologies which form an essential feature of our homes are listed as under-

  • Air Conditioning and Central Heating- Variation of thermal levels of the room is the basic purpose of air conditioning and central heating. While air conditioners bring about a certain chill in the air to cool you off, central heating systems spread an aura of warmth around the house.

  • Cleaning- Yes, it’s not just the washing machines and vacuum cleaners. There are a plethora of other uses that domestic technology is brought to in such cases. Be it drying clothes, mopping or dishwashing, science has made cleanliness more of a habit than a choice.

  • Food Functions- Be it food preparation or storage, the invasion of technology dons every area. Right from microwaves and food processors to refrigerators and blenders, food has indeed received certain vitality with applied science in use.

  • House Maintenance- Simple tools which help us maintain our house are very much a part and parcel of domestic technology. Garden tools, lawn mowers or paint sprayers- each functions in specific arenas to help keep our houses preserved and upgraded.
  • This list is not exhaustive as there are a variety of other spheres where domestic technology has made its invasion. The seemingly simplest of articles like computers, radios and telephones, which are an inseparable part of every household, are a boon granted by the means of science. Domestic technology after all, has galvanized the way we live!

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