How Scents Define Your Life Style!

Home scents can say so much about your personality. Floral or lemony, lavender or ocean fresh each scent says about your likes and dislikes. Your favorite household fragrance defines what makes you happy and what can help you stay relaxed. Fragrances can uplift your mood or make you feel nostalgic. They can energize you after a stressful day or depress you with memories. Explore some of the fragrances and the effect they have in your life.


The lovers of floral scents are born romantics with a love for beauty and elegance. They enjoy love stories, romantic movies and are true believers of love at first sight. Their homes are comfortable and adorned with soft, pretty colors and rich fabrics. The house would have dreamy kind of touch and would love to entertain guests. People will appreciate them for their caring nature and they will usually have close associations with friends. You can use this fragrance in the house for improved relationships.


People who love the fresh scent of lemon would be disciplined and well organized. Their surroundings would look pristine and well structured. They love the freshness of the outdoors and their homes will have lot of natural air and light rather than artificial elements. They are responsible and possess the art of managing thongs on their own. You would often see them enjoying the outdoors a lot. Lemon fragrance can be used in the house for stress relief, vigilance and concentration.

Oceanic Aqua fresh

This fragrance is preferred by people who take life easy and straight forward. They are charitable have possess a love for all beings alive. They may be a part of social groups and have a special place for animals in their heart and life. Their homes would be no-nonsense and contemporary and deprived of loud colors and elements. You can use this fragrance in your house to inculcate a sense of empathy and love for others.


Orange odor is loved by people who are creative and appreciate life for its beauty. They are lively and love to spread happiness and positive aura. Their homes are warm and welcoming and they love to have people visiting them. They are popular amongst their neighbors and socialize a lot. You can use this fragrance in your house for stress relief and an optimistic approach.

Mountain spring

Nature lovers adore this smell and do everything possible to infuse the essence of nature in their lifestyles. They like to hit the road to be close to Mother Nature and involve in activities like hiking, mountaineering and cycling. They would even visit the local vegetable market to feel rejuvenated and alive. They are green followers engaging in recycling and maximum and rightful utilization of resources. Their homes would reflect nature with green and earth colors and decors. You can use this smell in your house for a natural, healthy environment.


Lavender is known for its stress busting qualities and creating a relaxed ambience since ancient times. People who love this smell are the ones who do multitasking and manage several responsibilities of their lives efficiently. They like good things in life like good books, great wine and exercise. They would go to isolated destinations to rejuvenate and come back in form. Their home would be made for comfort and relaxation rather than for showing off. You can use this fragrance in your house for its calming and stress relieving characteristics.

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