How To Clean And Maintain Carpets

Covering the floor of the house carpets are subjected to lot of dirt and hardships during its life time. If not maintained properly they can look dirty and faded before time and their fibers can start thinning up making them lose their rich look! A good carpet is an huge investment and often we are clueless about how to maintain it and make it last longer. Where carpet sweepers can remove the surface dust, vacuuming can help remove the deep seated dust and abrasions.

How to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your carpet:

When you are shopping for a vacuum cleaner for you carpet remember the following:

Check the vacuum's filtration abilities. Choose the ones with dual motors, or those with one motor to provide suction with the other motor powering a beater bar to loosen dirt.

Remember that the vacuums with beater bars or rotating brushes are better at loosening dirt than standard canister vacuums.

Make sure that the vacuum you choose provides the correct height adjustment for your specific type of carpet.

Once a week vacuuming is a must and even more when your house is prone to dust. Debris can cut the carpet fibers and hence remember to clean the tight areas around baseboards, radiators, and other difficult-to-reach places.

How to maintain the carpets texture?

There are specific areas of carpets which will receive more wear and pressure than others. To prolong the overall life of your carpet, try to reduce traffic in heavily traveled carpeted areas. Move the heavy furniture to reduce wear on specific areas. Use furniture glides or cups under the legs of heavy elements. Temporary indentations caused by heavy furniture can be removed by working the carpet back in place with your fingers or with the edge of spoon, dampening the area in question, and heating the carpet with a hair dryer.

How to control Shedding of carpet fiber?

If your carpet is new it is perfectly normal t find fiber sheds in your vacuum as some fiber is left loose on the carpet during manufacturing. Removal of this extra fiber will not affect your carpet life. If you notice a yarn tuft sprouting above the surface of your carpet do not try to pull it out, rather cut it neatly with a pair of scissors to level the carpet. However if shredding and tufts become a regular feature contact the carpet manufacturer for the problem.

How to remove stains from the Carpet?

Stains are inevitable even if you take maximum care of your carpets. Remember that the sooner you clean the stain the better for the longevity of your carpet. A stain may disappear after a while if not cleaned as they change color. You can use wet/dry vacuums which not only have the ability to suck up dust and debris, but also liquid spills as well.

If there is a spill on your carpet at the outset blot the excess liquid with a paper towel or clean cloth. While using a liquid stain remover try using it on a corner of the carpet to ensure it would not leave additional stains. Try to use as little remover as possible putting it only on the stained area and avoiding the surrounding edges. DO not rub the carpet with excessive force as that will loosen the fiber and cause it to shred. Dry the area after a hair dryer after cleaning. Not all stains can be removed. Urine stains and bleached areas leave permanent stains.

Should you go for professional cleaning?

Regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure longevity and enhanced appearance of the carpets. However professional carpet cleanings once a year is advisable for better results. Invest in a carpet shampoo, wet/dry vacuum, or steam vacuum for regular carpet maintenance.

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