Interiors in The Air…

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We have heard of interiors for homes, offices or retail spaces but Boeing Business jets have taken a step ahead and designed their fleet of wide-bodied aircraft comprising the models 777, 787 Dreamliner and 747-800. The concept was created by BMW Group DesignworksUSA to catch the fancy of the highly astute travellers for whom travelling in luxury is a way to reflect their style and persona.

Needless to say that the design is highly unconventional that merges the needs of luxury and the requirements of the flyers. The multilayer usage of the lateral space creates a huge space making long travel times enjoyable and satisfying. A glass floor provides a view onto the vehicles parked in the cargo hold below creating a unique ambience. The aim is to make the guests feel relaxed and cared for, before they land and start with their routine. The aircraft hosts a lounge with a cocktail bar, a gourmet kitchen, a big screen theatre, luxurious master suites and guest suites, a fitness centre, sauna and wellness facilities, a cargo section for vehicle transportations and much more. A completely versatile and unique experience for the guests who want to travel in luxury and style…

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