Kids Wall Decor Ideas


For kids, it’s not just the drawing books- its walls as well! Every kid in the block has sometimes or the other, laid his hands on the house walls. Be it for scribbling things no one understands or for cleaning dirty hands, walls have been their favorite place to express themselves.

And this expression boosts up their imaginative powers- helping them to form a firm foundation for their future.

When you know they eventually would do it, Why not let them do it?

Yes, this is indeed the best option available to parents. You know you would prevent them from dirtying the walls but they would still go about doing the same. Why don’t you become a source for them to let them open up to the world? And the world for kids begins with their bedrooms. It is always preferable to decorate their bedroom walls in such a manner that not only do they act as a means of recreation but also provide them their basic education at the same time! Though the task may sound tough but by considering the following wall décor ideas, you would realize that it is not as improbable as it seems:-

  • Use wallpapers or paint the walls by hand but try and base the paint scheme of the entire room on a particular theme. The theme may be about cartoons, superheroes, cars or even their beloved comic books- something which they can identify with or which they look up to!
  • Paint stories on the walls. Children are very fond of story books and each character that they read about or are read to, cast an everlasting impression on their minds. With these characters decorated on their walls, they would be able to charge themselves up with the same spirit and gear their minds to increased vigor and verve.
  • Nothing better than animal wall hangings! Ranging from rabbits to tortoises and from dogs to monkeys, kids would easily befriend these tiny creatures and pick up essential moral qualities from them as well. After all who can teach steadiness better than a tortoise or loyalty better than dogs?
  • Attach a blackboard or a whiteboard with chalks within the reach of the kids so that they can use this space to express themselves in the best possible manner! It is this place where their creativity would truly find expression and that too without staining the walls! Your kids would surely love this freedom!

To handle kids, people say, is a difficult job. But with great wall décor ideas at hand, children are not only entertained but also educated about the realities of the world. With kids, of course, it’s got to be simple!


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