Living Room Interior Design - Ideas For the Living Room


The living room interior of every house, whether it is in a mansion or just a regular house is often times the most lavish and well-kept rooms among all the rooms in the house.

Thousands of prize-worthy living rooms have graced the pages of housekeeping magazines. Now, wouldn’t you wish your living room can be featured in a magazine too?

The living room is the front line of our homes when receiving visitors. It is the gateway to our house that gives a first impression on what is to be expected on the inside of our house. Big houses often have grand living rooms that are exclusively used as a reception area alone. Regular houses have living rooms that serve a multipurpose function. It becomes the family common room.

People who own big houses that have lots of rooms mainly use their living rooms to receive visitors and to hold events such as parties. More often than not, these living rooms are designed by a professional interior decorator. Interior designers create a theme that comprises all furniture, fixtures, decors, drapes, rugs, lights and even plants in the living room. The point of this uniformity is to create a statement that gives a lasting impression. Themed living room interiors exude class and elegance.

For the majority of us who live in regular-sized houses, hiring an interior decorator to design our living room interiors may seem like a stretch to our budget. However, we can still achieve that prize-worthy class and elegance that professionals do for the living rooms of rich people in our own simple way.

In regular houses the living room becomes a combination of an entertainment room, mini library, reception area, and sometimes it even becomes a guest room. What we are trying to achieve; here are a living room interior that give a satisfyingly aesthetic appearance yet does not lose its functionality.

The first step is to come up with a theme that can accommodate all your existing furniture and décors and drapes. If you have inherited an old house along with a bunch of old furniture and drapes, then it may be advisable to stick to a Victorian-themed living room interior. The dark colors that are a trademark of the Victorian era look romantic and classy. What is good at making use of your existing furniture is that you do not have to spend so much in redecorating your living room. For those decors that do not fit the theme, you can either keep them or put them up for sale.

We all love trinkets. A lot of people display their collections in their living rooms. While collections look nice and interesting, it may somehow make your living room look like a museum. However, if it fits the theme we are trying to create then it can stay.

Arrange your furniture in a manner that is unobtrusive and allows you to walk around your living room without too many types of impedance. For a multi-purpose living room, you can divide the space into different areas that serve different purposes. You can have been reading corner that includes a desk and a bookshelf. Make sure that this area is well-lighted as well. Otherwise you’ll just move to a brighter area to read. Then designate another area for your home entertainment system, which includes your TV, music player, gaming consoles and CD library. You can include several pull-out couches and a rug as well. On the area nearest your door perhaps maybe the best site for your reception area. You could have a pair of the couch and a sofa, a center table to receive your guests.

Keep your living room simple. Even if you stick to a theme, still take note not to overdo with too much decors. You can have your very own simple yet elegant living room by your own creative efforts and at a cost you can afford.


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