Unique Mutation Seats

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Creativity and imagination knows no bounds. And this has been proved yet again by Belgian designer Maarten De Ceulaer, who has created seats made of foam spheres in bright colors and unique shapes. This is part of the mutation series, in which foam spheres are cut to fit together, attached to a frame and coated in rubber or flocked. The seats seem to have grown by the process of mutation rather than hand created.

The design is very contemporary and experimental. Rather than upholstering springs and foam with leather or textile, the pieces are created by vigilantly designing patterns with cut-offs of foam spheres of various sizes, and applying them onto a structure. Finally it gets coated, with a durable rubber for a velvet-like finish. Each piece is unique as it is not an automated process and that's what make them special.


0 #1 nida 2012-05-18 10:45
Gorgeous chairs! Are they available in India?

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