Unique Storage Concept!

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The homes today are compact and space utilization to the maximum is a challenge for all. Where traditional houses had specific storage spaces the contemporary homes may or may not have a store room and utilize the unused spaces for storage purpose.

One such strategic area is the space under the staircases which can be used effectively to create attractive and functional storage units. Often the space under the staircases is unutilized or we dump clutter from the house under this area. However if the layout permits, shelves, closets and drawers can be integrated in this area in a way that they blend right in and create a serviceable utility.

The narrow area can have pull out shelves and drawers and the tall area can have closets with doors for storing items like brooms, appliances or even clothes. Have a look at some of the design ideas for under stairs storage units for maximum utility. A very smart concept indeed!

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