Top Bedroom Decorating Ideas For An Asian Ethnic Bedroom


For many of you, decorating your bedroom in an Asian or Ethnic style can be a challenging project. Fortunately, if you are able to identify the colors, accessories, and furniture you can easily implement Asian bedroom designs principles in your room.

If you are still confused, here are some top ideas for creating an Asian bedroom. The main elements of Asian bedroom styles include rich embroidered fabrics, delicate rice paper window decorations for privacy, and framed pieces of Calligraphy, Asian table lamps, Oriental candles, and Asian beds.
Asian bedroom designs also include play of light and the more subdued it is, the better your room. Replace your overhead lights with wall scones and indirect lighting fixtures to lend a sensuous look to your bedroom. Also, an intricately carved wooden Asian screen is an excellent addition to your Asian bedroom. The screen is a very useful and visually appealing way to hide the unwanted clutter or divide the room into two areas for more privacy and an intimate atmosphere. Another important aspect of Asian bedroom decor is the use of indoor plants like Bamboo. Use Bamboo plants in pots, or tall glass vases to introduce some green color in your bedroom.

Moreover, Asian bedroom decor is characterized by elegance and subtlety that make this theme a unique and popular one. Give your bedroom an Easter feel and show off your creativity and penchant for the spiritual with Asian bedroom designs. A big part of the Asian Ethnic bedroom styles of home decor is the use of colors. For a more bold and pronounced look, golds and reds are the best colors. On the other hand, greens, blues, and yellows are good for an understated yet attractive appearance. Simply visit some paint shops and get paint card with your choice of colors and when you shop for accessories and Asian style bedroom furniture, carry these cards with you to get a perfect match.

Depending which specific Eastern World Country you are interested in reflecting in your Asian Ethnic bedroom decor, you can use some of the most popular things from there. For ex. if you are trying to create Japanese style bedroom then using a folding screen, hanging a kimono, and using painted lacquer lamps and other accessories will highlight the culture and spirit of Japan in your Asian bedroom d├ęcor. Asian style bedroom furniture like low platform beds, low seating like divans will also bring out the earthy Asian flavor.

If bedroom remodeling in order to adapt to the Asian or ethnic bedroom theme is part of your scheme of things then consider using the correct lighting fixtures. Since bedrooms require both overhead as well as bedside lights, use focus lights that are bright and made from black painted wood or rice paper shades to draw out the Asian bedroom decor flavor to the hilt. Remember there are several Asian Ethnic bedroom design ideas for any bedroom. All you need is time to plan and enjoy the process.


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