Bedroom Interior Design - Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom


The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of our homes. Though it is hardly seen by other people, everyone seems keen to on decorating their own bedrooms in a way that matches their own personality.

When you move to a new house, the first thing we actually work on is our bedroom interiors. Our bedroom is our own personal haven inside our homes. It is our nest of security where we feel that we can just be. We can never relax inside our bedrooms, unless we transform it from something that is generic to something that practically screams who we are as a person.

In creating a bedroom design, one should consider the bedroom furniture and bedroom decors and learn how to arrange it accordingly within that given space. Now, there are two major paradigms of styles or themes that can be utilized when designing your bedroom interior. One is the Oriental and the other is the Contemporary. Oriental themes pay tribute more to the beauty of nature. It is commonly used as themes of bedrooms in large rural houses. Large rooms appear empty and lifeless, unless decorated. The Oriental paradigm of design would put pictures in huge frames hanging on the wall, jars and statues to be lined up, drapes over the windows and so on. Of course all these decors fit a single unified theme. The decors and furniture are made to take up space to create a rustic and cozier feel. On the other hand, the Contemporary style of designing is aimed at achieving functionality and efficiency. The bedroom is being maximized for a sole purpose of sleeping. Little attention is given to the aesthetic appearance of the room. The bedroom is designed to make sleeping and the rest of our personal care habits a whole lot easier, so that we just come and go with no added fuss. It is also designed in a way that there is no high maintenance with its cleaning. It is a common bedroom design for urban living, especially in apartments where we live in a smaller space.

Before even arranging your furniture and decors you have to choose a background for your blank canvass. Since it is your bedroom you have the choice to color it with as you desire. However, it is best to choose a neutral color. A color that is not stimulating, since the color of our rooms has a great effect towards our mood.

Now that you have painted your room it is time to arrange your furniture. Now, you need not buy a whole new lot of furniture. You can create a theme that still defines who you are from the old ones that are available. In this way, redesigning your room will not be a costly endeavor. If you have a large room, then your goal is to make your room become a bit cozier and feel as if someone lives within its walls. One should not feel like he is trapped within a gallery inside his own room. You can do this by creating divisions within the room that separates the comfort room entrance away from the bed. However, arrange the furniture in a way that is unobtrusive that leaves you free to walk around without bumping into things unexpectedly.

If you have smaller room, your goal is creating an illusion of more space. Hence, you have to de-clutter your room. You have to remove those that you do not use and put them into storage. Retain those decors that fit the theme of your room. In this case, you might avoid creating divisions. It is best to keep the design simple when working with smaller rooms.

You can add more color to your room by framing your window with drapes that match the theme of your room. When choosing the drapes, mind the material it is made of. Heavy drapes create a more romantic ambiance while lighter drapes create a more airy atmosphere.

You linens, bedspreads and pillows should provide you with utmost comfort. Choose materials that to classy and elegant yet retain its comfortable quality. It also helps if they are easy to clean.

Keep a light in your room. Choose a light in which you can adjust its brightness. If you want a more romantic ambiance you can just dim it, and if you need to bring your work at home, you also are able to have adequate lighting to get your work done.

Designing a bedroom interior is no mean feat. Since it is going to be your bedroom after all, you already know what you want out of your room. Don’t compromise style over comfort. Remember, it is you who get to sleep inside those four walls, not others. Hence, you should be the master in designing your own room.


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