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G-POD An Extravagant Outdoor Concept

G-POD is a futuristic concept of creating outdoor living addition in the form of a portable unit designed as a...

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Summer Fun For Kids In A Well Designed Backyard!

Summer time can be fun for kids but difficult for parents as they have to keep the children occupied in their ...

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Astounding Garden Interior Designs

Interior designing is often misconstrued to be an art which has a utility only for the home or office interior...

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Refreshing Courtyard Garden Design

Created by landscape designers, Secret Gardens of Sydney this courtyard garden was designed for a family of pa...

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Striking Landscape In Coastal Surroundings!

This Coastal project posed several problems for the designers like heavy coastal exposure, salt-laden winds, h...

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About Outdoor Furniture

Internal and external beauties don’t contradict but complement each other. If internal beauty has to be r...

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