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The Vivacious L’opera Restaurant In Paris!

Check out the wondrous L'Opéra Restaurant, located in one of the most famous buildings in opera, the 1,600-se...

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Tags : Colours , Unique , Concept , Commercial , Restaurants
Unique, Extravagant, Concept

Technical Wonder Hi-Can

Home automation has seen brilliant highs in the last decade and Hi-Can proves this yet again by launching the ...

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Tags : Unique , Extravagant , Concept
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G-POD An Extravagant Outdoor Concept

G-POD is a futuristic concept of creating outdoor living addition in the form of a portable unit designed as a...

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Tags : Homes , Extravagant , Residential , Concept , Outdoors
Homes, Residential, Concept

Cardboard Furniture: A Matchless Concept!

People with transferable jobs or who don't like to stick to a house for long, face an obvious dilemma of packi...

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Tags : Homes , Residential , Concept
Unique, Concept

Wacky Hangers For Your Walls!

Modern world has seen a splash of innovative ideas and a creative burst of new elements in home designing. Fol...

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Unique, Concept

Unique Cocoon Suites By KLab

Built in 1990, Hotel Andronikos on Mykonos Island in Greece has been redesigned by KLab architecture keeping i...

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Tags : Unique , Concept
Unique, Extravagant, Residential, Concept

Stunning Bathrooms

Bathroom is an important room of the house as this is the only space where you relax, refresh and think in com...

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Tags : Unique , Extravagant , Residential , Concept
Unique, Concept

Unique Mutation Seats

Creativity and imagination knows no bounds. And this has been proved yet again by Belgian designer Maarten De ...

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Unique, Concept

A Special Kitchen For Special Needs

A very heart touching initiative by Skyline lab, offering a special kitchen for people with special needs has ...

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Unique, Concept

Splendor In Geometric Patterns

Geometry might be a tedious subject to study but the patterns created by using this complicated science can be...

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