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Unique, Extravagant, Concept

Technical Wonder Hi-Can

Home automation has seen brilliant highs in the last decade and Hi-Can proves this yet again by launching the ...

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Unique, Extravagant, Commercial, Leisure

Bangkok University - A Creative Revelation

When you look at these pictures it will be hard for you to believe that this place is a part of Bangkok Univer...

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G-POD An Extravagant Outdoor Concept

G-POD is a futuristic concept of creating outdoor living addition in the form of a portable unit designed as a...

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Unique, Houses, Extravagant, Residential

Contemporary Glass House

Check out these amazing pictures of a unique and luxurious house in Johannesburg, South Africa designed by Jo...

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Taj Falaknuma Palace

India is a destination known for grand luxurious palaces and royal bloodlines. One such opulent and sophistica...

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Unique, Extravagant, Hospitality, Hotels

Casa De La Flora

Thailand is a popular holiday destination and the country justifies its fame with the presence of dazzling hot...

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Tags : Unique , Extravagant , Hospitality , Hotels
Unique, Extravagant, Residential, Concept

Stunning Bathrooms

Bathroom is an important room of the house as this is the only space where you relax, refresh and think in com...

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Unique, Houses, Extravagant, Residential

Mega Yacht - Numptia

Numptia, a 70-meter (229-foot) mega yacht is luxurious floating residence of an Italy-born American businessma...

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A Green Hill In Your Backyard

How creative can you imagine one can get with the backyard of one's home? Andrew Maynard Architects have actua...

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Tags : Unique , Green , Houses , Extravagant , Residential
Unique, Houses, Extravagant, Residential

Swimming Pool In The Living Room!

New York is a host to many phenomenal properties, but this one in Chelsea would surely make you jump out of y...

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Tags : Unique , Houses , Extravagant , Residential