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An Office In Your Garden!

The concept of working from home is fast catching up the fancy of many people all across the globe. However a ...

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An Industrial Eatery! Los Soprano

Los Soprano is a unique pizzeria designed by Spanish architect Pedro Scattarella in Gava, Barcelona. The diffe...

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Tags : Unique , Concept , Hospitality , Leisure , Restaurants , Bizarre
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A Gorgeous White Apartment

Here is a beautiful, serene, white apartment in Moldova, a landlocked state in Eastern Europe having long warm...

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Colors For The Unknown Union:

Men's wear shops are usually colorless and dark to add a sophisticated feel to the store. However, as an invig...

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Unique, Houses, Residential, Apartments

Small Apartment Design

We have seen a steep rise in the rates of property all over the world. With the growing population owning a ho...

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Unique, Houses, Residential, Apartments

Contemporary Simplicity

The modern interiors have created a prism of ideas, from lush, sophisticated and regal homes to simple yet mod...

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Unique, Green, Extravagant, Hospitality, Hotels, Leisure, Bizarre

Holiday On A Tree!

How close to nature can we get to escape from the commotion and confusion of our modern lives? Well, designers...

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Tags : Unique , Green , Extravagant , Hospitality , Hotels , Leisure , Bizarre
Unique, Concept, Bizarre

A Post-it Room Interior!

Winter 1972 is a perfume by Christopher Brosius and the scent of the perfume is described quite aesthetically ...

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Unique, Concept, Bizarre

Interiors With Stickers

The Obliteration Room is a part of the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art designed by artist Yayoi Kusama. Creat...

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Some Innovative Staircases!

Housed in an Olympic Museum in Georgia, this twisted staircase is maple-veneered and nestled beautifully in th...

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