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Creative professionalism in 'Horizon'

The new office of Horizon, the largest independent media company of in Hudson Square, New York is a perfect ex...

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Tags : Offices , Unique , High end offices , Commercial

5 Bizarre restaurants of the world…

"Hospitalis" a unique, weird restaurant in Riga, Latvia If you enjoy gory things this place is a must visit f...

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Unique, Extravagant, Concept

Interiors in The Air…

We have heard of interiors for homes, offices or retail spaces but Boeing Business jets have taken a step ahea...

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Offices, Unique, Green, High End Offices, Commercial

Work inThe Greens…

HOK a global architectural firm has created a reputation of being the world's largest, most diverse and respec...

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Tags : Offices , Unique , Green , High end offices , Commercial
Offices, Unique, High End Offices, Commercial

Creativity @ workplace. Saatchi & Saatchi

The office of Saatchi & Saatchi, an award winning advertising agency in the Sindhorn Tower, on Wireless Ro...

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Tags : Offices , Unique , High end offices , Commercial
Offices, Unique, Commercial

A playful workplace!

A creative workplace gets attention everywhere in the world. For The Three Rings Design Office (A game design ...

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A restaurant with a TWIST…

Twister a unique restaurant located in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is designed by Sergey Makhno and Vasily B...

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Unique, Hospitality, Leisure, Restaurants

Relive the magic of Alice in wonderland

A restaurant with a fairytale interior of Alice in wonderland the Lewis Carroll classic, located in Tokyo's Gi...

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Tags : Unique , Hospitality , Leisure , Restaurants
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A Nature Loving House

Casey Key Guest House is a wooden guest house created by Totems architecture. It is located in a highly regula...

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Library in Almere, Netherlands

The word library is usually associated with a dusty and boring place where people go to enhance their knowledg...

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