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Unique, Green, Houses, Extravagant, Residential

A Green Hill In Your Backyard

How creative can you imagine one can get with the backyard of one's home? Andrew Maynard Architects have actua...

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Tags : Unique , Green , Houses , Extravagant , Residential
Unique, Houses, Residential, Apartments

A Hundred Windows Living Space

A well created interior can do wonders for even the simplest of structures. This two story structure created b...

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Tags : Unique , Houses , Residential , Apartments
Unique, Houses, Extravagant, Residential

Swimming Pool In The Living Room!

New York is a host to many phenomenal properties, but this one in Chelsea would surely make you jump out of y...

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Tags : Unique , Houses , Extravagant , Residential
Unique, Houses, Residential

Midcentury Houses Revisited

The magazine Atomic Ranch came up with renovation ideas for mid century homes which formed an amazing collecti...

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Tags : Unique , Houses , Residential
Unique, Hospitality, Hotels, Leisure, Bizarre

A Modern Retreat In The Womb Of Nature

Skiing is a traditional vacation activity which holds an important place in the contemporary lifestyle also. T...

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Tags : Unique , Hospitality , Hotels , Leisure , Bizarre
Unique, Houses, Extravagant, Residential

A Dream Cabana

Residing in urban areas we crave for outdoor activities and fun. Imagine a chic cabana, right outside your hom...

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Tags : Unique , Houses , Extravagant , Residential
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Nike Store In East London

NikeFuel Station is a store located at Boxpark, a temporary shopping centre made from shipping containers in S...

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Unique, Concept

A Special Kitchen For Special Needs

A very heart touching initiative by Skyline lab, offering a special kitchen for people with special needs has ...

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Unique, Extravagant, Hospitality, Hotels, Leisure, Bizarre

The Priciest Hotel Room Of The World

A legendary hotel which has attracted attention of people worldwide, and the most photographed structure in th...

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Tags : Unique , Extravagant , Hospitality , Hotels , Leisure , Bizarre
Unique, Concept

Splendor In Geometric Patterns

Geometry might be a tedious subject to study but the patterns created by using this complicated science can be...

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Tags : Unique , Concept